Adults Classes

We offer a range of classes suitable for anyone, from first-timers to professional performers. Our classes run for 1 hour (except Open Training, which is 1.5 hours). Got a question? Read our FAQs for more information about class structure, levels, and what to wear.

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(the round-metal-hoopy one)

Remember that feeling as a kid, where you’d spin until you toppled to the floor in a giggling heap? Imagine doing that now, only holding a circular metal hoop suspended in the air. If spinning’s not your thing, you can sit on it and make shapes, too! Suitable for all experience levels.

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Aerial Silk

(the dangly-fabrics one)

Develop strength, flexibility and creativity as you climb the fabric, wrap your body, strike a pose, drop and spiral through the air. Challenging and rewarding no matter what your level of experience. 

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STATIC Trapeze

(the monkey-bar-on-ropes one)

Learn to use the bar and ropes to pose, invert, balance and drop into thrilling positions whilst moving with grace and developing a strong and agile body. Unlike the flying trapeze, static trapeze generally stays in place, unless you wrap it up or make it spin.

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AERIAL Conditioning

(the make-me-epically-strong-and-bendy one)

Sometimes we like to call this our aerial vegetables - the stuff we don’t always want to do, but that makes us strong and healthy, so we can try epic new tricks. This floor-based class is well-paced for beginners through to advanced aerialists and will help you straight-arm straddle on the silk, or nail that pullover on lyra or trap.

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Open training

(the free-play one)

Open Training is time in the air, on silks, lyra, or trapeze, during which you can practise moves and sequences on your own, without a coach. It is available for L2 and L3 students of 18yrs+ only. 

Read our Open Training Policy for more information.  

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Kids & Teens Classes

Active kids are happy and healthy kids. Our 1-hour kids and teens classes ordinarily run in 10-week terms to align with NSW public schools. In between terms we run 3-hour school holiday workshops. All kids and teens classes cater for newbies through to advanced aerialists.

Got a question? Read our information for parents for more on class structure, safety, and what to wear.

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Kids (5 – 7 years)

Aerial Silk

Once your energetic little munchkin turns five, their hands are big enough to grab those aerial silks. These classes incorporate a range of caring, high-energy, structured and unstructured play, creativity and movement practice into a 1-hour lesson to develop children’s confidence and coordination.

Kids (8 – 12 years)

Aerial Silk
Static Trapeze (ages 10+)

Our 8-12yrs classes combine creativity and performance with advancement of fundamental skills to build a long-lasting love of movement. Their strength, flexibility, and confidence grow in a safe, super fun, non-competitive environment. 

Once kids turn ten, they’re usually big enough for our trapeze bars, too!

Teens (13 – 17 years) 

Aerial Silk
Static Trapeze

Teens classes help you build and refine your aerial skills and performance quality, care for your body, and enhance your confidence. They are the home of our budding aerialists and future coaches-in-training, as well as students who just want to have fun with new and old friends.

School Holiday Workshops

Aerial Silk and more!

Experience the feeling of flying through the air in a dynamic and exciting 3-hour aerial arts workshop! Learn to climb, swing and drop while performing thrilling acrobatic feats that will challenge your body, explore your creativity and wow your friends.

The combination of activities changes each day, and sometimes students try alternative apparatuses like lyra and trapeze, but there is always a strong emphasis on silks to allow existing students the chance to continue to develop their aerial silks skills during the holidays.

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School Sport

Aerial Silk and more!

Catering to both high school and primary school students, Integral offers beginner classes during school hours to help our local community’s kids and teens develop endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Whether it’s a one-off senior workshop to focus on building resilience and bravery, a school excursion for an elite gymnastics or dance team, or a NSW public school term of sport on a Wednesday afternoon, we’ve got you covered! 

All coaches have an up to date WWCC and there is always someone with their first aid training on site. If you’re a teacher looking to get your school involved or express interest for a term of sport, please get in touch.

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Pricing and Vouchers

Come casually, come twice a week, come every-freaking-day, we’ll welcome you with open (and incredibly pumped) aerial arms.

Adults pricing

Our adults classes are super convenient for you people-on-the-go, and cater to everyone from those who want structure and regular weekly sessions, to those who just want to pop in whenever it fits in with work and life.

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intro pass


All Integral classes

Open training


for up to 5 classes - valid for 2 weeks.
Available to first-time students only.

Best Value



All Integral classes

Open training

$68 weekly or

$272 monthly*

for up to 5 classes each week or 20 classes each month.
* Minimum 2 months commitment. Payments can be paused for up to 8 weeks per calendar year. Read the Full terms and conditions.

Casual Class

All Integral classes

Open training


for 1 casual class - valid anytime.


All Integral classes

Open training


for 8 classes - valid for 3 months.


All Integral classes

Open training


for 20 classes - valid for 3 months.
*recommended for students attending 2 or more classes per week.

Kids and teens pricing

Our regular kids and teens classes are priced by the term to fit in with busy school schedules and make space for school holiday workshops.

First time student? Sign our participation waiver.

trial class


For first time students
Must be in the first 5 weeks of the term. 
Contact us for availability.

10-Week term


Aerial silk, lyra, or trapeze - all levels
Get a 10% discount using code KIDS_TWICE. See conditions.*

School Holidays


3-hour aerial workshop
Get a 10% discount using code KIDS_TWO. See conditions. *

* Term bookings: You are eligible for a 10% discount if you enrol multiple children from the same family, or one child who participates in more than one class per week. Enter the code KIDS_TWICE at checkout.

School holiday workshops: You are eligible for a 10% discount if you enrol multiple children from the same family, or if you want to book more than one school holiday workshop for the same child. Enter the code KIDS_TWO at checkout. 

Please note that multi-student or multi-day bookings must be made online in the same transaction to be eligible for this discount.

Private lessons & studio hire

For a private or more intimate aerial session, see below. If you’re interested in a bigger celebration, learn about kids, VIP, birthday and corporate parties here.

Private lessons

Available to all ages and bravery ranges!

Perfect for some one-on-one attention when you have a specific aerial goal or performance to work towards. Private lessons are also great for small group bookings with you and your family or friends.


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Private Studio Hire

Ideal for professionals and visiting artists

The best way to use our studio is to sign up for one of our aerial classes or open training. However, if you're a professional or have specialist needs, like those of a travelling circus troupe, we can accommodate you.


* Read our hire policy for important information.

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Gift vouchers

Whether for a current aerialist or a brand new student, gift vouchers can be purchased at a range of denominations starting from $20. You can also purchase a class pack, or even an ongoing membership, it's up to you!

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